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Speaking Topics

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Change Management

The one constant in life is change, and the life of an actor is no exception. In this change management training session, Jack analyzes the evolution of great actors and makes relevant, real-world business analogies that will help advance your organization. Your team will:

  • Be able to identify where to begin by embracing the “just one thing” philosophy.
  • Develop a mindset to not be afraid of change by thinking about the end result first.
  • Bring a “how to change” game-plan to the workplace.
  • Discover the meaning of life.*
*This isn’t true at all.

Workplace Communication

"All the world's a stage," and this session proves that point. Taking a cue from his acting days, Jack uses the tricks of improv to improve co-worker camaraderie. This session is sure to bring laughter and fun, but more importantly, it will develop positive communication to help enhance your organizational culture. Your group will:

  • Learn effective communication strategies to connect with “difficult people,” not that your office has any of those.
  • Hone communication skills by using the “yes, and” philosophy that creates improved conversations both in and out of the workplace.
  • Knock down communication barriers to avoid becoming the office Debbie/Donny Downer.
  • Be fully prepared for a Presidential debate.*
*This isn’t guaranteed.


Jack's unorthodox leadership presentation is arguably the most entertaining in his lineup. By using storytelling instead of a list of empty leadership quotes, you will learn the qualities that separate the leaders in Hollywood from the also-ran actors. At the end of the session:

  • Your team will be able to better identify their strengths and leadership styles.
  • Participants can more readily identify their leadership qualities and use them at the office.
  • Your team will have a renewed sense of teamwork with a respect for different management styles.
  • Attendees will be able to jump a lot higher.*
*Maybe, but not likely.

Personal Brand Management

Every successful actor knows what he/she is and builds a marketing strategy around that brand. Jack takes you through his humorous and humbling journey discovering he wasn't the next George Clooney and shows your group how to discover your niche and brand it. At the end of this session:

  • Participants will have a better perspective of how others perceive them and how they can use that as a branding strategy.
  • Attendees will know how to leverage their personal brand to improve relationships.
  • Your staff can change their names to a soon-to-be internationally famous symbol like a swoosh or a target.
*They can do this, I guess, but it’s not encouraged.

Success Through Failure

There are often hundreds of submissions for a single acting role in Hollywood, and this makes Jack a self-proclaimed expert when it comes to failure. In this session, he comically reminisces about his professional flops and encourages audiences to embrace smart failures that can lead to major successes. After this session:

  • Participants will have an inventor’s outlook on success in that you often have to fail many times before you get the desired results.
  • Your group will have a new perspective on the fear of failure and will look at the upside of it.
  • The team will laugh hard at Jack’s Hollywood flops* while analyzing success stories of Tinsel Town.
  • *Truth.

Sustained Inspiration

Jack is hesitant to call himself a motivational speaker as it evokes visions of comedy legend Chris Farley "living in a van down by the river." How many times have you seen a motivational speaker and the impact of the message was lost in 24 hours? Instead of giving your audience a few feel-good moments, Jack demonstrates how you can sustain your own inspiration for the long haul in any walk of life. During this session, Jack will highlight:

  • How to implement an easy daily reminder to keep you going.
  • Motivational stories of Hollywood successes that came from nothing.
  • The new amenities on his van … which he lives in … near a river.*
*No comment.

The Intangible 'It'

Every movie star has an intangible quality that you can't quite put your finger on; or can you? In this session, Jack breaks down what makes certain actors superstars and shares how you can go from a bit player to a superstar in your organization. During the hour, Jack will explain:

  • How to channel your inner Clooney by revealing the simple steps of having “it.”
  • The power of making someone else feel like the most important person in the room.
  • The similarities between business networking and dating.*
  • *Seriously.

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