Simple Success Tips We Can Steal From Amy Schumer

Chances are pretty good that you didn't know the name Amy Schumer two years ago. And unless you're a fan of Comedy Central, you might not have even heard of her until two weeks ago when you started seeing her in the movie previews for "that one movie with LeBron James." But this upcoming weekend, Schumer will be the queen of Hollywood with the release of Trainwreck, a film she wrote and stars in. Her ride to the top was often bumpy, with her parents divorcing while she was in middle school, her father's MS diagnosis, and the family business filing for bankruptcy. But it might just be this difficult journey that makes her as real and as charming as she is on screen. Here are 4.5 lessons we can learn from Schumer about personal success:

1. Go for it. Schumer has never flinched. Like many comics, her rise to the top included being the opening act in a slew of glamorous (insert sarcasm horn here) night clubs. She did finish fourth on Season 5 of NBC's Last Comic Standing. An impressive feat, for sure, but certainly not a "golden ticket" moment. She kept working through it, getting herself into the much-hyped Charlie Sheen roast, where she shined and said hello to the world. She has the kind of guts we all wish we had.

2. Use your life experiences. She is becoming a star because of her no-nonsense, self-deprecating style. She mocks her often awkward sex life and gives us glimpses into her most vulnerable moments. And if you think personal success in any field is all business, I'd say you're doing it wrong. The most successful business people didn't get there by knowing every detail about business: They succeeded because they have a great fishing story. So use your life experiences where you can.

3. Find your niche. There is nobody in show business right now quite like Schumer. She has this innocent sort of girl-next-door look to her, and then all of a sudden something filthy will fall out of her mouth. Maybe your signature can't (or shouldn't) be your dirty mouth, but think about where you fit in the big picture, then map out how you can get there.

4. Build your own career. Unlike so many others waiting for something to happen, she kick started her own career by writing. Similarly, your path to success might not be a straight line up the corporate ladder. In fact, a recent Mashable article predicts that by 2019, freelance employees will approach the 50 percent mark in the U.S. So make it happen now, because in a few years, you'll have some company.

And 4.5: Get lucky. Of course, I know you can't simply decide to be lucky. But you can make your own luck. Schumer kept putting herself out there and renowned director Judd Apatow saw her in an interview and was so enamored, he arranged a meeting and encouraged her to write a script. And here we are a couple years later on the eve of what might be the biggest comedy release of the summer -- directed by Apatow and written by Schumer. She's lucky all right. But she didn't get lucky eating potato chips on the couch. She made her own luck, and you can, too.

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